Transatlantic charity rowers' food plea after delay

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Matthew and Christian Cleghorn hope to reach Antigua by the first week of March

Two transatlantic charity rowers from Cumbria have been given another vital food drop from a passing vessel.

Brothers Chris and Matthew Cleghorn are rowing across the Atlantic to raise money for Parkinson's disease research.

But their mission has been hampered by rough seas which washed their food overboard.

Coastguards asked a tug in the area to pass them supplies. Last week a yacht was called on to give them some food.

Blog update

Falmouth Coastguard said the brothers were currently in the Atlantic 800 miles (1,287 km) from the Windward Islands, near Cuba.

The former Royal Marines are trying to row their boat Papa Delta from the Canary Islands to Antigua - a distance of 2,535 miles (4,080 km).

The two have a blog which they update regularly.

The latest written on Sunday, explained how the boat had capsized.

It said: "Mat was on the oars and I was reading the emails when we got hit by a big goffer [wave] from the port side, the first one turned us and then a second hit us which turned us virtually turtle."

Chris said they were back upright before they knew it "albeit completely swamped until we could clear the scuppers to allow the water to drain out."

Before the food drop the two were surviving on just a 1,000 calories a day.

The brothers hope to reach Antigua by the first week of March.

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