Chef John Fell bids to make record-breaking scotch egg

Scotch egg
Image caption The egg used in the attempt had to come from Mexico as John Fell struggled to get one in the UK

A chef is hoping he has cooked the world's biggest scotch egg - a whopping 11kg (24lbs) - which took three hours to deep fry.

John Fell, from Cumbria, is confident his 1.5kg ostrich egg covered in meat will earn him a Guinness World Record.

The existing record was set in 2008 in a London hotel when the snack produced weighed in at just over 6kg.

Mr Fell, Calderbridge, used 10kg of sausage meat and 1.5kg of breadcrumbs - about five loaves' worth.

It took him seven hours to cook his giant snack - the Ostrich egg was boiled for two hours and it took another three hours to cook the meat.

His attempt in a chip shop in Leith, Edinburgh, was filmed by Scottish television and watched by an official record monitor, with each stage carefully documented.

Cumberland sausage

Mr Fell said: "I am a judge in a competition entitled the Egg Awards 2014 - we support local egg producers, and encourage people not to buy supermarket eggs.

"This is to promote local eggs. But ironically the egg used had to come from Mexico as I couldn't track any down in England.

"About 60 people watched me cook the egg and helped us eat it - it was nice - the meat was based on an old Cumberland sausage recipe."

He now has to wait six weeks to find out whether his enormous savoury delicacy will be officially classed as a record-breaker.

Image caption The scotch egg had to be cooked and eaten on the same day to adhere to Guinness World Records rules

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