Police probe into cat poisonings in Sandiacre

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Police are investigating a spate of cat poisonings in a Derbyshire town.

Following a recent report of one domestic cat poisoning in Sandiacre, officers revealed several cats may have died in a similar manner.

Pc Andrew Porton said: "At this stage we do not know whether the poisonings are accidental or deliberate.

"We have also contacted local industrial units, asking them to be careful about the storage of potentially toxic substances."

Officers said they were looking into the animal deaths and would be talking to residents later.

"We want to make pet owners aware that this is a concern in the community", Pc Morton added.

"If the poisonings are deliberate, we would like to issue a warning that the intentional poisoning of a cat is a criminal offence carrying the maximum punishment of three months imprisonment and/or a fine up to £2,500 for each offence."

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