Pipe leak floods Matlock sheltered housing complex

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A clean-up is under way at a sheltered accommodation complex in Derbyshire after burst pipes left residents without heating in freezing conditions.

Twenty one flats and the communal areas at Victoria Court in Matlock were affected by a series of leaks in the early hours of Wednesday.

Heating was restored within hours but two residents have been temporarily rehoused while flats are repaired.

Dales Housing has apologised and said it was looking at rerouting pipes.

Pouring water

Resident Pat Bullock raised the alarm: "I woke up to this roaring, gurgling sound.

"I went to the bathroom and it wasn't there, so I followed the sound into the corridor.

"I opened a window and looked down and saw the water gushing out of the boiler room, so I pushed the alarm."

Gerald Taylor from Dales Housing, said: "There was a burst pipe, which was actually the main supply into the block of sheltered housing.

"That burst and unfortunately the water just poured through in the boiler house and affected the heating as well.

"Coupled with that, because of the extreme temperature, we had pipes in individual flats freezing as well."

He added that pipes supplying the boiler house would be moved to more sheltered areas.

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