Concerns over possible grit shortage on Derby's roads

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Transport chiefs in Derby have admitted grit stocks are running low because of delays in getting supplies.

The city council said it had been waiting for the salt "for weeks" and would have to cut back on the number of roads treated.

Officials are now scrutinising normal gritting routes before deciding where to treat.

Chris Poulter, Conservative cabinet member for neighbourhoods, said there were problems getting supplies.

He said: "We did order before the last cold weather spell, 2,300 tonnes which is 500 tonnes more than the average year's usage on the roads.

"We made provision for and ordered an extra thousand tonnes just as an emergency reserve to be stored at another depot in the city.

"That was ordered weeks ago, and we're only as good as our suppliers - the suppliers have not delivered us a single grain of salt since the start of the last cold snap."

The city council said the reduction in gritting routes was part of an emergency strategy.

Grit bins around Derby had been topped up and people were urged to use them responsibly.

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