Derby council staff paid after computer glitch solved


A computer glitch that meant nearly 11,000 Derby city council staff did not get paid on time was "an absolute nightmare", a councillor has said.

About 9,200 staff were paid late on Friday and a further 1,600 at the weekend, after a software problem caused delays.

Some staff were also paid twice, but the overpayment will be taken back.

"To say it is a mess is an understatement. It is an absolute nightmare," said Sean Marshall.

Bank charges

"There was a glitch in the software but we managed to get between 9,000 and 10,000 people paid (by Friday night).

"All the remaining people should have been paid on Monday morning," said the Conservative councillor.

It was originally reported that 12,000 staff were affected, but the total was 10,864 - and most were paid by Friday night, a council spokesman said.

"I have monitored it over weekend - we had three teams paying cash their accounts so as many people as possible could get paid," Mr Marshall said.

Mr Marshall said if any employees had a problem with bank charges, they would be reimbursed.

"We will investigate exactly what happened and make sure it doesn't happen in the future.

"I can only apologise to people for any convenience it has caused them."

The problem was caused when the council changed from one electronic payment system to a new one.

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