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image captionBiff plans to take Emphemetry's sound to venues in the UK and Italy over the next 12 months

The start of 2011 marks a busy and important time for talented Derby musician Richard Birkin whose solo project goes by the name Emphemetry.

Richard, known as Biff, has played in various bands over the years including now defunct stalwarts of the Derby scene the Little Explorer.

Most recently however he has been concentrating on his solo project Emphemetry; Emphemetry's debut album A Lullaby Hum for Tired Streets was released on 24 January.

The record will be released through the small, independent record label that Biff himself helps to run, called Time Travel Opps.

The unique name of the project provides an interesting link to another of Biff's interests, creative outlets, literature as well as an inspiration .

"It's a crashed together word," said Birkin, "I was at university, studying Joyce, and we were asked to make a new word by crashing words together".

"It means the measure of the emphermality of peoples understanding of each other".

After the release of Emphemetry's debut album, there are plans in place for UK and Italian tours - a perfect chance to showcase the tracks from the album.

Birkin told BBC Derby that he hopes he will be joined by "amazing violinist and guitarist" Dan Bridgewood-Hill who is a member of Manchester band NASDAQ.

"Dan will be providing the embellishments that are on the record".


The "embellishments" referred to definitely prove the devil is in the details as they are a crucial to the make of the sound which is described by its creator as "ambient, folk, post rock".

The sound and direction of A Lullaby Hum for Tired Streets is definitely a product of its environment.

"The record for me at least brings to mind Derby at night.

"From band practises, gigs and various travels coming back to Derby at night is a really nice experience. Over the years I've tried to write a collection of songs that represent that for me."

Birkin has definitely been successful in his aim.

The record is full of lush and beautifully atmospheric soundscapes which are perfectly indicative of a nighttime scene.

A Lullaby Hum for Tired Streets is a record which soars and swells with grand arrangements of sweeping strings which are suddenly silenced as Birkin's vocals are brought to the forefront accompanied only by a single guitar.

The ambition of this big and yet intimate sound is matched by the exciting touring schedule planned for the new year.

With A Lullaby Hum for Tired Streets released on 24 January and a wider touring schedule to follow, it already appears that 2011 is shaping up to a busy and exciting 12 months for Birkin and Emphemetry.

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