Derby bin changes aim to save £500,000


Up to £500,000 a year will be saved by changes to bin collections in Derby, officials have said.

The city is being divided into four areas, each being serviced by all available lorries on a separate day with no collections on a Monday.

Managers said the £25m savings being demanded by the council had made them review the way bins were emptied.

The bin lorry fleet will be reduced by five to 21 but no staff will be lost as fewer agency staff will be hired.

'Immensely complex'

Four out of five households will see their collection day change.

Tim Clegg, the council's Director of Street Pride, said: "What we have done is reorganise the routes and we are going to collect all of the bins in four days by dividing the city up into four.

"So simply we are going to use less vehicles, we are going to drive less miles on the road, use less fuel and use less crews to deliver the same service".

He added: "It's a vital service and we are working with all drivers and staff to make sure this goes right but it is an immensely complex service, we empty about 114,000 bins every week, and we ask residents to work with us while the changes come in".

Information packs will sent in May and the changes will take effect from 6 June.

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