Derby Police in crackdown on stolen goods

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Police in Derbyshire have arrested 16 people and seized £16,000 in a crackdown on stolen property.

Since Monday, 13 businesses and 14 homes have been searched in the Derby area.

Det Sgt Dave Simmonds from Derbyshire Police said officers were targeting people who handled stolen goods to put others off buying illegal items.

Searches have been carried out in shops, internet cafes and electrical and mobile phone stores.

Det Sgt Simmonds said: "People who handle stolen goods are often portrayed as loveable rogues in the style of Del Boy or Arthur Daley.

"The reality is that their activity has a harmful effect. We are not talking about a victimless crime. Thieves and burglars steal property because they know people are willing to buy it.

"The theory is simple. By targeting the people who receive and sell on stolen goods, we will reduce the market and that should, in turn, have a positive affect on reducing the theft of goods in the first place."

He said last year property worth more than £5.8m was stolen in the Derby area but less than 5% was recovered.

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