Crackdown on illegal motorbikes in Newhall

Motorbikes have been seized and warnings issued by officers tackling nuisance vehicles in Derbyshire.

Police said they had received a series of complaints about off-road bikers using open spaces around Newhall.

In the past few days they have confiscated three bikes and warned 17 people they could face the same action if caught again.

Officers said bikers were not just a nuisance but also threatened the safety of others using the open land.

Under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act, officers are entitled to warn those caught riding illegally that their vehicle will be seized if they are found riding on the same piece of land within a year.

Police community support officer Kate Bottomley said: "The area has been plagued by off-road bikers for some time now and we have been eager to resolve the problem that this was causing for people living in the area or who are using the open spaces for walking.

"Our main priority is the safety of everyone, and I urge anyone interested in off-road motorcycling to seek a suitable designated location which is covered by public liability insurance and has safety procedures in place."

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