Majority of candidates in Derby's local election not 'local'

More than half the candidates in Derby's local elections do not live in the ward in which they are standing.

BBC Radio Derby found 39 of the 67 candidates were from outside the electoral division.

In two wards, Alvaston and Normanton, voters will be unable to choose someone who lives in their area.

Derby City Council said people could stand if they worked in the city, or owned a property or business within the city.

Philip O'Brien, the council's head of democratic services said: "Qualification for election is a highly regulated area and there is comprehensive guidance available from the Electoral Commission".

The candidates' declared home addresses were checked against Derby City Council's postcode database , which tells people which ward they live in.

'Right person'

Candidates in Alvaston, none of whom live in the ward, defended their candidacy.

The Lib Dems' candidate, John Ahern, said he lived in the ward until the boundaries were changed a few years ago.

He said: "It doesn't matter in my opinion. The right person for the job is the right candidate."

But Alan Graves, who will represent UKIP after sitting on Derby City Council as an independent councillor, said it did matter.

Mr Graves said: "I have moved away, but my business actually is in Alvaston ward, on Pride Park, so I see Alvaston every day of my working life."

'Fairly local'

Alan Grimadell will stand for the Conservatives in Alvaston. He said knowing the issues and concerns of residents was the most important thing.

He said: "We need to make Alvaston a safer and better place to live and work and I believe if you know the fears of residents it doesn't matter where the candidate lives."

Labour's candidate, Mark Tittley, said he was "fairly local".

He said: "I've known Alvaston all of my life. One thing I do find strange is when people who live outside the city stand in local elections."

Three candidates standing in the election in Derby live outside the city - in Idridgehay, Barrow-on-Trent and Nottingham.

Elections in all 17 of Derby's wards take place on 3 May.

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