Derbyshire villagers search for peacock's owner

image caption'Kevin' the peacock has been accused of intimidating behaviour

Residents are trying to trace the owners of a peacock that arrived in a Derbyshire village a year ago.

The peacock, which villagers have named Kevin, has become a talking point in Breadsall parish council meetings since it appeared in the village last summer.

Villagers have placed adverts online to try to find the bird's owners, so far without success.

While some have welcomed the bird into their gardens, others have accused him of making "mischief".

'Absolutely beautiful'

One resident, Marilyn Balsom, said she heard a neighbour had become trapped in the village's Memorial Hall by the bird.

"The person was trying to leave and Kevin wouldn't let them out," she said. "You do hear other reports of him causing mischief."

Mrs Balsom described the bird as "absolutely beautiful".

"One morning in March, he walked right the way up our driveway, proud as anything," she said. "He was investigating the bird feeder, which is meant for much smaller birds than him.

"He has enormous tail feathers. He's probably the biggest peacock I've ever seen. It's a mystery how he arrived in the village, though."

Mrs Balsom said her husband had tried placing an advert on a lost pets website to try to find Kevin's owners, but so far had had no response.

Police chase

Another resident, Linda Morris, said Kevin had been discussed at parish council meetings.

"He's a bit of a danger on the road because he seems to wander wherever he feels," she said.

"We have tried to catch him a couple of times so he can be properly looked after. Last summer there were about five of us chasing him, including the local policeman.

"We got very very close to him at the school and then, all of a sudden, he jumped over a wall and into the next-door garden and that was it."

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