The Angel in Ripley is 'England's most Christmassy pub'

Inside The Angel in Ripley
Image caption The bar was bought from the studios of soap opera Crossroads

A pub owner believes he has "the most Christmassy pub in England" after spending four days and thousands of pounds festooning it with decorations.

The pub in Ripley, Derbyshire, fittingly named The Angel, has 53 Christmas trees of various sizes.

The largest, which is 22ft (6.7m) tall, cost over £1,000 including decorations.

There is also a permanent 9ft (2.7m) golden angel above the entrance, which was previously used on the set of the soap opera Crossroads.

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Image caption The golden angel above the pub's entrance was used in the soap opera Crossroads

Owner Peter Clay said he started decorating the pub in this way three years ago.

"It started back in the middle of the recession," he said.

"Everyone was depressed and saying it's doom and gloom.

"I'm a partly-sunny guy, not a partly-cloudy guy, so we thought we would do something to cheer everybody up.

"That's how it started and then from year to year we keep exceeding ourselves."

Image caption Peter Clay set himself the challenge of having more decorations than ever this year
Image caption There are 53 Christmas trees of various sizes, with the biggest being 22ft (6.7m) tall

Customers are asked to help decorate the pub by attaching baubles to the trees.

The building was built in 1888 to commemorate the jubilee of Queen Victoria.

It has been mistaken for an old chapel or church from the outside, but it was originally a "men-only" club before becoming a pub.

Image caption Some of the pub's furniture also came from Crossroads

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