Teenage driver faces court after ploughing into garage 'to avoid cat'

Car in garage wall Image copyright Driver photo

A new driver who ploughed into a house, having swerved around two parked cars and a tree to avoid hitting a cat in the road, faces court.

The 17-year-old asked not to be named but said he lost control of his silver hatchback when he swerved to avoid a cat in Parkway, Chellaston, Derbyshire.

He estimated he was travelling at about 30mph when he smashed into the garage of a residential home on Friday night.

The owners were away at the time and the crash was reported to police.

Image copyright Driver photo

The driver told BBC News: "I swerved to the right and the back of the car went out.

"I then swerved to the left and lost control - I couldn't bring it back.

"I just missed two parked cars and a tree and ended up in the wall - it was a big impact.

"I smelt burning, I thought it was the car, so I got out and laid down - I was in shock."

Neighbours reported hearing a "loud screeching" followed by a "massive bang".

The driver said: "It was a natural reaction to swerve to miss the cat, but I went into a state of shock and panic."

Derbyshire Police said the driver was due to appear before magistrates at a later date charged with driving without due care or attention.

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