Waitrose lorry crashes into Devon farmhouse

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Shaun Carter was asleep when the lorry hit his family's home

A Waitrose lorry has jack-knifed and crashed into a farmhouse in icy conditions on the A3052 in Devon.

The lorry driver escaped serious injury in the accident which happened in Newton Poppleford at about 0530 GMT.

A family of six were asleep in the 18th Century farmhouse when the crash happened. They were shocked but unhurt.

"All I heard was a thud really and then the house literally shook," 15-year-old Lesley Carter told BBC News.

The teenager's bedroom was next to where the lorry hit the property.

It was only when her mother told her to look out the window that Lesley realised what had happened.

"I looked out my bedroom window and, crikey, that's where the lorry was," she said.

The lorry, which was fully laden with 30 tonnes of Christmas supplies, slid on ice on a hill going into Newton Poppleford, although Devon County Council said the road had been gritted.

The Carters said they were saved from injury because the farmhouse, which is more than 300 years old, is strongly built.

Lesley's brother, Shaun Carter, said: "We're pretty lucky really - if it was a new house we could have been all flat packed and washed out to sea, so to speak."

The road was closed for several hours while the lorry was recovered.

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