Witness intimidation suspect arrested outside court

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Magistrate Roger Baker said the court would take an "extreme view" of any witness intimidation

A Plymouth teenager has been accused of using social networking sites to intimidate witnesses.

Patrick Doran, 19, was arrested as he left Plymouth Magistrates' Court where he had been contesting a house closure order by the city council.

A further closure order, under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act, is due to be held on 7 March.

It could result in the immediate and permanent eviction of Mr Doran from his home at Blandford Road, Efford.

Allegations denied

Magistrates said the current closure order, which bans anyone from entering the Blandford property other than Mr Doran, his two-year-old daughter and his partner would continue until the hearing in March.

Devon and Cornwall Police confirmed a 19-year-old was arrested outside Plymouth Magistrates' Court on suspicion of witness intimidation and was being held in custody.

Plymouth Magistrate Roger Baker said: "The court will take an extreme view of any intimidation of witnesses or anybody at any time and it will be dealt with in the professional manner."

Mr Bill LaHive, defending, said Mr Doran disputes the allegations.

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