Devon earthquake survivor relives Christchurch ordeal

A Devon man has returned home after surviving the earthquake in New Zealand.

Dave Campkin, from Braunton, used to work in the country and was on holiday when the earthquake struck Christchurch.

The death toll is currently 161 and officials have said no more survivors are likely to be found.

Mr Campkin, who was close to the epicentre of the quake, said it was a terrifying ordeal.

The 6.3-magnitude earthquake hit on Tuesday 22 February and although of a lower magnitude than one in September which killed no-one, it struck at 1251 local time when the city was at its busiest.

Mr Campkin said that since working in New Zealand he has visited regularly and was used to feeling tremors.

This time, however, he said it was completely different.

"It was like somebody had taken the whole house and shaken it," he told BBC News.

"At the time I was just thankful I got out alive."

Image caption About a third of the city's buildings have been destroyed or will have to be demolished

After the main quake subsided, Mr Campkin said water started coming up through the road and he watched as the house opposite "broke its back".

He has urged people to donate to appeals to help the country which has been so badly affected by the earthquake.

Tens of thousands of residents are still without power or sewage systems and officials said about 30% of the city's buildings have either been destroyed or will have to be demolished.

The estimated cost of rebuilding has been put at billions of dollars.

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