Daniel Reed-Williams jailed for Seaton bottle attack

A teenager from Devon has been jailed for five years for bottling a friend who sent him a text message calling him "ginger".

Daniel Reed-Williams, 19, from Coombe Orchard, Axmouth, attacked Ashley Line, also 19, in Seaton in October 2010, Exeter Crown Court heard.

Reed-Williams was found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm.

He told the court that when he was growing up he was "very ginger" and people would tease him all the time.

The jury was told how the two former school friends exchanged abusive and threatening text messages after Mr Line gave Reed-Williams £37.50 to buy cannabis which never materialised.

'Burst into tears'

Reed-Williams told the court he became angry when his friend demanded his money back and sent him a text which made reference to his hair colour.

He said: "The text he sent really upset me. I found it offensive."

He claimed he did not intend to use the bottle as a weapon.

"He put a hand into his hoodie pocket and I thought maybe he had something in there. I struck him with the bottle when he was an inch away from my face.

"When I saw the blood I burst into tears. I could not believe what I had done, I didn't want to hurt him," Reed-Williams told the court.

Judge Graham Cottle told Reed-Williams: "It was pure accident that more serious harm, including death, was not caused to that young man... he could have bled to death in the street".

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