'Leadership crisis' at Derriford Hospital say ex-bosses

David Pond and Lee Paschalides
Image caption David Pond and Lee Paschalides resigned from the trust in May

Plymouth's Derriford Hospital faces a "leadership crisis" after a chairman with no hospital experience was appointed, two former directors say.

Three board members including David Pond and Lee Paschalides resigned over the decision.

Former Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Police, Richard Crompton, was given the job by the Appointments Commission.

It said the strongest candidate was given the role. He will start in August and has not commented on the criticism.

Currently there is no permanent chair in place, something the former directors disagree with.

Mr Pond said: "Whilst individuals, I know, will go absolutely out of their way to maintain the best quality of patient care, they're doing it within a framework that makes it very difficult.

"There has to be an increased risk to the quality of healthcare provided."

'Quite baffling'

The trust's acting chairman was Peter Burroughs who had 40 years experience in the health service.

Earlier in May, when he was not given the job of chairman, Mr Burroughs resigned, along with the other two directors .

Ms Paschalides said: "It's an extremely complex organisation, so to have someone coming into it without a reasonable amount of knowledge to help support the executive team is quite baffling."

Earlier, Margaret Schwarz, the vice-chairwoman of the board, said: "No matter who occupies leadership positions, patients still come through our doors and we must - and will - support staff in continuing to deliver high quality care to them."

Image caption Richard Crompton will become chair in August

Mr Crompton said he would wait until he started his role at the hospital before speaking to the media, the trust added.

At the time he was appointed, Mr Crompton said: "Having run a large organisation providing an essential public service, I am tremendously excited to be taking up the role.

"I consider it to be an honour to be given this opportunity and I will commit myself to helping to ensure that excellent health services are provided to the people of Plymouth and the surrounding areas."

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