David Pridmore jailed for Devon road rage attack

A man has been jailed for an "appalling" road rage attack on a female driver, which has left her too frightened to drive at night.

David Pridmore of Flax Meadow Lane, Axminster, rammed the woman's car repeatedly on a dark country lane near Axminster last September.

The 32-year-old was found guilty of dangerous driving at Exeter Crown Court. He had denied the charge.

Recorder Mr Andrew Oldland jailed Pridmore for 18 months.

The court was told Nicola Jarvis was driving home from a skittles match with her fiance David Crossman when she pulled her Citroen Saxo onto the A35 near Axminster.

'Dangerous combination'

Pridmore, who has three convictions for drink-driving, was racing another car along the road and had to swerve to avoid her.

Miss Jarvis was so alarmed by his driving that she turned off to take a country lane home but Pridmore turned his BMW around and followed her, the court heard.

He chased her for five miles through single track lanes, blinding her with his fog lamps, hooting his horn, and ramming her car from behind.

Pridmore pushed the Citroen along the lane before blocking it at a junction and jumping out to confront its occupants.

The court was told the couple locked themselves in their car while Pridmore hammered on the window swearing and shouting.

Miss Jarvis managed to reverse and escaped by going down a farm track which was too narrow for the BMW to follow.

Pridmore had claimed the Citroen was driving without lights and he thought the people inside were drink-drivers and he been attempting to stop them to warn them about their driving.

Miss Jarvis told the court: "I can't count the number of times he hit us. He was pushing more than ramming, but rammed us at least six times."

The recorder said Pridmore's "appalling display of road rage" had frightened Miss Jarvis to the point where she was treated for anxiety and moved away from the area to avoid any contact with Pridmore.

"Your criminal record demonstrates a combination of road traffic offences and violence or threats," he said.

"It is clear you have little regard for road safety and that is a dangerous combination."

Pridmore was cleared of a charge of possessing an offensive weapon after the victims could not positively identify what he had in his hand.

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