Chulmleigh duck Star has owner's real ale penchant

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Media captionStar, an Indian Runner duck, was rescued from its incubator

A duck "adopted" by a Devon man after being rejected by hostile siblings has acquired its owner's love of beer.

Star, an Indian Runner duck, was rescued from its incubator by Barrie Hayman two years ago.

The 67-year-old, from Chulmleigh, said the duck has become "selective" about what he drinks.

"Star doesn't like lager - he's definitely a real ale duck, but I make sure he doesn't have too much," Mr Hayman told BBC News.

Mr Hayman, who kept Star in his breast pocket to keep it warm as a duckling, said it lives in the house and is very much part of the family.

Image caption Star was hand reared after being rejected by his siblings

"We go everywhere together and he's always made welcome at my local pub," said Mr Hayman, who used to breed ducks.

Charity busking

Sam Moyse, landlord of The Old Courthouse Inn, said while the duck is "almost a fixture" with his locals, his appearance can surprise visitors.

"We're a traditional pub and sometimes have more dogs than customers, so I don't have a problem with Star coming in," he told BBC News.

"It's quite novel really and you can see how fond he is of Barrie."

The RSPCA said giving beer to a duck was "not something we'd recommend", but a spokesman added if the duck was cared for and healthy its owner was unlikely to be pursued by the charity's staff.

Mr Hayman, who used to breed ducks, now busks and raises money for Children's Hospice South West.

"Children love Star and although he doesn't like being stroked, he's really good with them," he added.

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