Topsham Gap residents oppose fields housing plan

There are calls to stop a planned development in an area of Devon known as the Topsham Gap.

The Topsham Society, which aims to protect the unique character of the town, says it does not want more homes built in the area.

It says if fields are developed it will lead to more building and eventually Topsham merging into a suburb of Exeter.

Heritage Developments say the proposed homes would be a good use of land.

The company says the homes would provide much needed housing and enhance the environment.

It says more locals support the plan than object and without new homes the younger generation will be priced out of Topsham.

Jeremy Rawlings, the chair of the Topsham Society, said: "I don't want to see the town of Topsham lose its character.

"There has to be development but that has to be in keeping with the town. We don't want to see Topsham become another suburb of Exeter."

Exeter City Council will be making a decision on the proposals soon and says they are being carefully considered.

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