Teignmouth's Estuary Court industrial park offline

Estuary Court industrial park
Image caption BT says it has come across "unexpected complications" in getting the park connected

Businesses which have moved into a new £2.5m industrial park in Devon say they are struggling to cope with no phone lines or internet access.

Companies at Estuary Court in Teignmouth say staff have to make trips home to check for messages and are losing orders as a result.

The park opened two months ago and the connection was ordered 11 months ago.

BT says it is a complex engineering project and it is doing all it can to get it up and running.

The landlords, Teignbridge Council, say they have asked the company to explore temporary measures to get the park connected.

Internet company Doorstuff is supposed to have moved in but director Helen Butland said it is "just not possible to trade without phones".

Image caption Mark Proctor Flooring say staff are having to rush between the industrial unit and home to check for new orders.

Steph Proctor from Mark Proctor Flooring said they have lost business to the value of a month's rent due to the lack of connectivity.

"I know of at least two jobs I've lost from not being able to contact people as quickly as I would like to," she said.

The BBC understands that BT is ultimately responsible for the delay of the works, which have stalled following a number of unexpected complications.

A BT spokesman said they are in talks with the Highways Agency because the job requires excavations and underground cabling and they are hoping to complete the work next month.

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