Devon surfer Adam Amin conquers 50ft Hawaii wave 'Jaws'

Adam Amin Image copyright Glenn Tremble
Image caption Adam Amin drops in on the "biggest and baddest" wave of all - Jaws on the north shore of Maui

A 19-year-old amateur surfer has caused amazement by conquering "Jaws", one of the world's biggest and most notorious waves.

Adam Amin, who learnt to surf at Sidmouth in Devon, said it was like riding a "liquid mountain".

With only five years' experience, he surfed alongside professionals competing in 50ft (15m) waves in Maui, Hawaii.

Only a handful of UK surfers have taken on "Jaws", said surfing magazine Carve.

"I was totally surprised to see a British guy out there," said editor Steve England.

"The swell was peaking that day so to go out, paddle in and surf it is amazing."

Image copyright Glenn Tremble
Image caption Adam Amin: " I caught it and rode down what seemed like riding down a liquid mountain"

Surf forecasting site Magic Seaweed describes "Jaws", where waves can top 60ft (18m), as "the most notorious spot on Maui" and "a wave most surfers are extremely unlikely to ride".

It adds: "As big wave surfing has developed, Jaws has maintained the biggest and baddest tag."

Mr Amin, said he had dreamt of taking on the giant wave since he started surfing.

After saving up enough money working as a life guard and repairing boards, he set off for Maui where he stayed with friends.

Jaws v Sidmouth

Image copyright Gettty Images and Google


  • "Perfect, house-sized right tubes"
  • "Few can match its steroidal perfection"
  • Local's comment: "It's a bad idea to fall off - it can be catastrophic"


  • Requires "huge" South West swell to get waves
  • Never big or powerful, "but some decent set-ups for the committed"
  • Local's comment: "Can be really fun but don't get your hopes up"

Sources: Magic Seaweed/Surfers Path/Wannasurf

Mr Amin tried to get on some boats heading to the Pe'ahi Challenge contest site, but was turned back by security.

So he decided to paddle out on his own and was given a lift by US big wave surfer Greg Long and waited for his moment with about five other pro surfers.

"I saw a huge wave in the distance and I saw my opportunity to prove that I can surf Jaws so I turned around while all the others were paddling over the wave and caught this monster," he said.

Image copyright Adam Amin
Image caption Adam Amin was plucked to safety by a Jet Ski rider after the wave collapsed on him

"I caught it and rode down what seemed like riding down a liquid mountain. I got to the bottom and looked up. It was the size of two houses above me."

He said he was in "heaven" for the rest of the day and wants to return.

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