New Chagford £2.6m school a 'waste of money'

Chagford Primary School Image copyright Google
Image caption Campaigners claim Chagford Primary could be refurbished for much less than the cost of demolition and replacement

Campaigners have accused government officials of wasting money if a new school is built at a cost of £2.6m.

They argue Chagford Primary on Dartmoor could be refurbished for much less than the cost of demolition and replacement.

The campaigners claim officials took the decision to rebuild before a feasibility report last June.

The Department for Education (DfE) rejected the claim and said the decision to rebuild the school was "taken after careful consideration".

'Not needed'

A number of parents of children at the school, as well as people living nearby, want the current 1930s-built building to be refurbished rather than rebuilt.

One of the campaigners, Jane Rush, said: "Building new schools is great, but a survey last year showed the school was in good condition.

"This school isn't in poor condition so it's not needed.

"The best value for money option is refurbishing it, so I think they are wasting money."

The DfE said in a statement: "We are confident a rebuild represents the best outcome for pupils, staff, the local community and the taxpayer."

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