Paignton 'bad neighbour' angers judge after being given restraining order

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Media captionBBC reporters were filmed by Wayne Howard outside Torquay Magistrates Court before he was given a restraining order over filming his neighbours.

A man who carried out a 16-year campaign of harassment against his neighbours has angered a judge after being handed a restraining order.

Wayne Howard, 43 from Paignton was told at Torquay Magistrates Court he faces up to five years in jail if he breaches the order for filming his neighbours.

In court he repeatedly argued with district judge Diana Baker.

She said: "I've spent day after day on this case, I'm beginning to lose my patience. We need to stop this."

Mr Howard was accused of repeatedly filming his neighbours, creating videos and posting them online claiming they were harassing him.

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Previously, a judge found he had carried out a 16 year campaign of harassment against his neighbours in the quiet Paignton cul-de-sac where they live.

Neighbour, Roger Peach, said he did not believe this would make him change his ways.

He said: "The majority of people down there are elderly and all we want is a nice life. We don't know why he films and intimidates us and I don't feel this will stop him."

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