Lynx still on the loose from Dartmoor Zoo

Flaviu the lynx Image copyright Dartmoor Zoo
Image caption Keepers at Dartmoor Zoo found that newly-arrived Flaviu had escaped

A lynx that escaped from Dartmoor Zoo on Thursday is still on the loose but has been sighted by staff.

Police and zoo staff spent the night searching for Flaviu who had arrived at the zoo from Kent on Wednesday.

On Thursday night the zoo said it had received a sighting on farm land outside the boundary of the park in Sparkwell near Plymouth.

Flaviu is the size of a large domestic cat and could be dangerous if cornered, police said.

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A Dartmoor Zoo spokesman said: "We can confirm we've had a positive sighting in the area we expected Flaviu to head to. We are looking forward to having him home safely."

Park staff set 25 humane traps baited with meat. A vet is at the scene with a tranquiliser dart gun if required.

Devon and Cornwall Police used thermal imaging cameras overnight to assist with the search.

The zoo took delivery of the animal on Wednesday from Port Lympne wildlife park in Kent and settled him into his new house at 19:30 BST.

A Dartmoor Zoo spokesman said: "He is extremely timid and his instinct will be to stay away from people, so we are asking the public to be vigilant and inform the police on 999 if they see him."

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