Allergic beekeeper died from sting

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Image caption Beekeeper Mark Turner died when a bee stung him

An amateur beekeeper died after he was stung on the neck inside his protective suit, an inquest has heard.

Mark Turner, 55, tried to use an EpiPen to counter the severe allergic reaction but spilled the contents, a hearing at Exeter's County Hall was told.

His wife then successfully used another pen to administer an injection, but he died from the reaction to the sting at his home on Dartmoor, Devon.

A coroner recorded a conclusion of accidental death.

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Mr Turner kept three hives near his home as a hobby and to make honey.

He had previously been diagnosed with an allergy to bee stings, but tests had found the severity of his condition was on the "lower end".

His wife Ali said on the day of his death in November 2015 the father of three ran into the house and then collapsed on the floor gasping for breath.

'Grey and pale'

He got out of the protective suit and grabbed the EpiPen but it misfired and the contents ended up on the floor.

Mrs Turner then got a second pen and injected his leg.

She said: "He was still conscious but delirious. He was grey and pale and his breath was shallow. He was not responding."

He died about 20 minutes later despite the efforts of paramedics.

A post-mortem examination concluded Mr Turner died from the anaphylactic allergic reaction caused by the sting to his neck.

His wife said he had gone to see his GP in May 2015 and was given antihistamines and Epinephrine injections after suffering a reaction.

Mrs Turner said her husband was "fit and healthy" and said had he known there was a risk of dying "he would have given up the bees".

Assistant coroner Luisa Nicholson said both EpiPens had been tested and did not have any defects.

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