'Bored to death' pensioner Joe Bartley starts job

Media caption, 'Bored to death' pensioner Joe Bartley starts job

An 89-year-old who put an ad in a paper looking for work to save him from "dying of boredom" has started his new job.

Joe Bartley was met by cheers and applause from customers when he clocked on for the first time at the Cantina Bar and Kitchen in Paignton, Devon.

The pensioner landed the job after posting a plea in the Herald Express.

He said he was "overwhelmed by all the attention" and was looking forward to "getting down to the job".

His first appearance "was like walking onto a stage to give a bit of a turn", said Mr Bartley, whose first task was to serve some mince pies.

He also received a pile of fan mail.

Image caption, Joe Bartley has received two job offers after he placed an ad in the Herald Express
Image caption, Mr Bartley said he missed his active life

Customers had come in specially to see the ex-serviceman and there had been "tons" of goodwill messages on the restaurant's Facebook page, said co-owner Queenie Martin.

"Most of our staff are young so it'll be nice to have him. Everybody here is lovely, so he'll fit in", she said.

Image source, Cantina
Image caption, The 89-year-old will be working a 20 hour week.

Mr Bartley said he had felt very lonely after his wife Cassie died two years ago.

"I was bored to death sat here doing nothing not seeing anyone".

He described living alone as "solitary confinement".

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