Brixham angler catches fish for injured cormorant

image copyrightIan Curtis
image captionLocal man Ian Curtis captured the "unlikely trio" on camera

An "unlikely trio of friends" have been "warming hearts" at the seaside as an angler and his dog have been pictured regularly feeding an injured sea bird.

Bill Naran, 60, started to catch fish for the cormorant from a Brixham sea wall when he saw it had a leg injury.

The bird then "appeared at different locations I was fishing at so it must have recognised me," he said.

The arrangement went on for two weeks until the cormorant was strong enough to feed itself.

"I haven't seen it for a few days now so I think it may be mission accomplished," Mr Naran said.

Local man Ian Curtis said: "We caught the unlikely trio on camera... A lovely example of human kindness to restore faith in the world."

image copyrightIan Curtis
image captionLocal people felt compelled to photograph the friendship and share it on social media
image copyrightAPEX
image captionBill Naran is a Devon angler
image copyrightAPEX
image captionThe friendship blossomed at Brixham

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