Kingsbridge phone box nightclub closed at night

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Inside the 'world's smallest nightclub'

A nightclub in a phone box has been branded "pointless" after it emerged it is closed at night because the owners do not have a licence.

The Kingsbridge phone box with a music system and glitter ball is thought to be the world's smallest club.

The town council uses it to raise money for charity but did not apply for an entertainment licence to open at night.

It has "no plans" to apply for the licence, which residents said "defeats the point".

The phone box is shackled shut with a cable from 23:00 until 08:00.

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The phone box was bought by Kingsbridge Town Council to raise money for charity

Town clerk Martin Johnson said there are "no plans" to apply for the licence from South Hams District Council.

"This is about having fun. We're very pleased with the way things are. It's good promotion for the town and we aim to raise lots of money for charity," he said.

Local resident Jenny Brown says the fact it closes at night is "crazy".

"It's a fun thing to do when you come out of the pub or whatever.

"It kind of defeats the point when there are lots of people around at night in the summer," she added.

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The nightclub is situated next to the town's police station

Another resident, Josh Hart said: "It's a bit pointless being called a nightclub if it doesn't open at night.

"I'm really surprised because if anything it should be closed during the day not at night."

However, others said it would prevent disturbances in the area for residents.

The 8ft 3in (2.5m) tall box became the 5,000th to be adopted from BT when Kingsbridge Town Council took ownership of it.

Music fans can listen to records by paying £1 to use a dial-a-disc type record system, with all proceeds donated to Kingsbridge-based charity @115.

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