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Sailors go around mainland Britain in 15 days

image copyrightNipegegi Around Britain
image captionRich Mitchell and Will Hodshon are thought to have beaten previous records by monohull and multihull boats

Two UK endurance adventurers have successfully circumnavigated the coastline of mainland Britain in just over 15 days.

Will Hodshon, 42, and Rich Mitchell, 44, set sail from Salcombe, Devon, on 15 June and arrived back in the same port "safe, but tired" on Monday.

They sailed the 1,390-nautical mile (2,237km) journey in a 60-year-old, 16ft-long open dinghy, the Nipegegi.

They said they hoped to have the record verified by Guinness World Records.

image copyrightNipegegi Around Britain
image captionWill Hodshon and Rich Mitchell said they "safe, but tired" after returning to port
image copyrightNipegegi Around Britain
image captionThe sailors made their journey in a 60-year-old, 16ft-long open dinghy, the Nipegegi

The pair sailed the vessel unaided, coming back into port at about 10:30 BST, completing the journey in 15 days and 4 hours.

Their team said the record for the outright fastest open sailing dinghy round mainland Britain was 28 days, set in 2006 by a multihull vessel.

For a monohull, the record for the fastest open dinghy sailing around mainland Britain was 32 days, set in 2014.

The team said the pair wanted to establish a record sailing both unassisted and non-stop around Britain, which the other two records "do not encompass".

Their trip was helping with fundraising for ocean-based charities.

The latest stories from Devon

Mr Mitchell said the sailing showed him "the beauty of the British wildlife around our coast", which had "always astounded me".

"But what really struck me was what wasn't there," he added. "Our grandfathers would have seen maybe a 100 whales we saw maybe 10 and how many will our children get to see? With this in mind, we truly need to look after what we've got and try and restore our nation's riches."

Mr Hodshon said: "I can't believe we've actually done it! Not only in such good time but to also complete the non-stop and unassisted aspect which at times seemed unachievable. It's a special moment in Nipe's long history."

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