Devon pier to be shortened due to 'ongoing bad weather'

Victorian pier in Teignmouth Image copyright Lucie Cooper
Image caption One of Teignmouth's two piers will soon be 30 metres shorter due to bad weather and underfunding

One of the two remaining Victorian piers in Devon will be shortened due to damage caused by bad weather.

Owner Lucie Cooper said her family took the "heartbreaking" decision in order to save the main part of the 155-year-old Teignmouth site.

A mixture of bad weather, dredging and underfunding has been blamed for the destruction of 30 metres of the pier.

Mrs Cooper said it is estimated between £500,000 and £1m is needed to repair the site.

But she told the BBC that even if the funds were racked up, the maintenance would be "never ending" and "we just don't have the funds for that".

Image copyright Lucie Cooper
Image caption The pier's owners have been trying to strengthen it ever since it was massively damaged by a storm in 2014
Image copyright Lucie Cooper
Image caption Dredging has also been blamed for the ongoing damage the 30-metre end has suffered

"It's devastating, the pier has been in the family since the early 60s and my brother and I are the third generation on it now. It's absolutely heartbreaking," Ms Cooper said.

But taking off the end "means we can keep the rest alive and keep the tradition", she added.

The 210-metre site suffered huge damage during a storm back in 2014 and while it has been strengthened since, it has been constantly knocked by "more bad weather".

Work to strengthen the "money making" part of the pier, which started after the storm, will carry on, while the shortening will only start once the appropriate licences have arrived.

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