Dorset vet charity helps Hungary animals hit by sludge

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The charity is in daily contact with workers in Hungary and send veterinary supplies to them

A Dorset based charity is sending boxes of veterinary supplies to Hungary to help animals caught up in the toxic sludge leak.

Worldwide Veterinary Service in Cranborne has joined forces with the RSPCA, World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) and other charities.

They are helping wildlife, pets and farm animals burned by the toxic spill.

Nine people died following the 4 October leak that devastated towns and rivers in the west of the country.

James Florence, from the charity, said: "The first load we sent out was bandages, antibiotics and a lot of things like eye treatments and skin and burn cream.

"What we're now sending - we're keeping the antibiotics going, that's one on the key things, and a lot of disinfectant, gloves and facemasks as well.

"We're in daily contact with the foundations that are out and they know that if there's anything specific that they need they will contact us and we'll get it parcelled straight out to them."

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