Bournemouth-based band Fearne record track for film

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Fearne are currently working on their second album

Bournemouth-based indy band Fearne have recorded a song for a film soundtrack.

Sometimes No One Wins At All will feature in About Her - a true story set in Bournemouth, London and France.

The film is based on the self-published book Life and Soul by Ethan Willis, the pen name of writer Darren Wells.

On reading the screenplay Alex Beds, Fearne's frontman, said: "The lyrics for Sometimes No One Wins At All just poured out of me."

He added: "I was a mess...this beautiful story had a really profound effect on me.

"We are absolutely delighted to be a part of this project."

'Colourful characters'

In March 2007 Bournemouth writer Darren Wells found the body of his 25-year-old girlfriend, Sharon Golledge, at her flat. She had died of undiagnosed epilepsy.

He said: "I promised her in the chapel of rest I would 'do the right thing' and I thought that was to write a book about our lives together.

"Despite on the face of it seeming like a depressing story, there is lots of humour in it and some fairly colourful characters.

"I was approached by writers who were interested in turning the story into a film. However, I decided to do it myself.

"I am looking to start shooting the film later this year.

"I am now in the final stages of agreeing the script and have now been able to secure funding, as well as the services of BAFTA award winning director, Nigel Douglas.

"I have also been lucky enough to secure the services of some amazingly talented musicians, including Fearne to perform original songs for the film."

Fearne, a four-piece collective of troubadours and lyricists, formed in 2005. They are Alex Beds - vocals and acoustic guitar; Adam Pulfer - vocals and electric guitar; Nick Bryson - vocals, bass and synthesisers; and Darren Barret - drums.

They have toured the UK with debut album Colour In A World Of Grey as well as opening shows for the likes of Feeder, Athlete, and Diana Vickers.

Fearne are currently in the early stages of recording a second album.

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