Hypnotist David Days 'knocked out' during Dorset show

Image caption, The hypnotist has a back-up voice recording which can be used in emergencies, his manager said

Three people were left hypnotised on stage when a hypnotist allegedly knocked himself out during a show.

David Days was performing at Portland's Royal Manor Theatre on Friday when he tripped over a participant's leg.

His manager said he was "out for a little while" before he recovered and "woke up" his volunteers.

Mr Days later declined to comment on claims by the Dorset theatre that the episode was "a joke" but admitted what was being reported was not the full story.

His manager Tara Nix originally told the BBC on Saturday it was an embarrassing fall.

But Mr Days said on Sunday he has decided to sell the "real and complete story" to a national newspaper.

On Friday night, the hypnotist wrote on his Facebook page: "I would just like to let my fans know that I am completely fine.

"A little bruised, but that's all. Thanks for your support tonight, it was a great show with some great volunteers."

'Loads of commotion'

However, Alan Coman, treasurer of the Royal Manor Theatre, raised doubts about the incident.

"It was part of a project for students who were filming the whole thing... but they (the people on stage being hypnotised) weren't pretending because they didn't get up to help.

"The audience didn't know (that it was part of the act) but it was purely to test hypnotism," he said.

Ms Nix, insisted on Saturday that the fall was not part of the show.

She said: "He was out for a little while and that is why we asked the audience to leave.

"Three people were left on stage but we always have a back-up tape and a back-up hypnotist to step in if needed.

"Luckily, it wasn't too long until he recovered and he and the guests are fine.

"To be honest I think this is the first time it has ever happened to a hypnotist."

Audience member Fiona Faye said: "He was pulled from stage and there was loads of commotion from a number of people backstage including one man who ran to the other side of the stage to get a first aid kit.

"At first the audience, including us, found it very funny and thought it was part of the act, but as time went on we began to realise that it was not part of the show and he had actually hurt himself.

"At this point we become very worried not only for David Days but also the guests that were onstage oblivious to anything as they were still hypnotised.

"They simply just sat there 'asleep'."

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