Mill Meadows in Henley-on-Thames 'will not move'

Mill Meadows
Image caption The adventure playground cost £60,000 to build

Residents in an Oxfordshire town are being told an adventure playground will not be moved following complaints about noise.

Henley-on-Thames Town Council has received a number of complaints about young people playing at Mill Meadows.

But it says there is nowhere else to site the £60,000 play area and has proposed signage to restrict usage.

The signs will say the area should only be used until 19.00 BST in the summer months and 17.00 GMT in the winter.

Town clerk Mike Kennedy said it was a difficult situation but it had to respect the neighbours' right to privacy.

He added: "We feel this is going at least some way to help ameliorate the situation."

The council will be relying on people's good will to heed the signs and move on after the curfew.

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