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Mock level crossing crash staged in Fratton

A paramedic talking to a passenger 'casualty' at the mock crash site at Fratton
Image caption More than 50 actors played casualties in the mock scenario

Emergency services in Hampshire have taken part in a simulated crash on a level crossing to train officers and staff to deal with such situations.

British Transport Police, fire and rescue staff and ambulance crews took part in the exercise at Fratton Traincare Depot.

They set up a situation where two vehicles and a motorcyclist collided on the crossing as a train approached.

More than 50 actors and special effects teams were involved.

'Making it realistic'

The tracks included a third electrified rail, proving a difficult challenge for crews.

Nick Davies, Hampshire Fire and Rescue group manager who was running the exercise, said ahead of the event: "It's a much bigger exercise than we normally do, and the biggest one we'll do this year.

"We don't often get the chance to play with a train for a day and to put all our procedures and operational practices into place.

"This is a very major rail accident involving a number of passengers, who require recovery from the train, extrication and removal to a place of safety.

"By making it this realistic, it allows the ambulance service to triage and provide us with a priority list of who we can move and how to extricate them from the situation.

"We do attend rail accidents. I, myself have attended a couple of rail accidents, but nothing on this scale with this number of passengers."

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