New solar-powered 'text' bins installed in Boscombe

Solar-powered bin
Image caption The 10 solar-powered bins will send a text message or email to the council when they need emptying

Solar-powered bins which send text messages and emails when they need emptying are being installed in a Dorset town.

The 10 "Big Belly" bins are being introduced in Boscombe town centre.

They can store and compact rubbish at the same time and so can hold up to 800 litres of rubbish - eight times more litter than a standard bin.

A text message or email will be sent to Bournemouth Borough Council from sensors in the bins when they are full.

Borough councillor Jane Kelly said the new bins were a "welcome addition to the area."

She added: "Not only do they look great, they also hold more waste meaning fewer refuse collections are required."

The new bins are part of works to improve the precinct area, which also include removing the fountain outside the town's Sovereign Centre, removing tarmac areas and installing decorative paving.

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