Cliff-fall dog, Shadow, recovered after Eype beach ordeal

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Shadow wearing Christmas reindeer antlers and Shadow looking emaciated after he was rescuedImage source, Amber Whiting
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Shadow is now back to full health after being found emaciated and injured

A seriously injured dog that spent 45 days trapped on a beach after falling from 547ft-high cliffs is back to full health, his owner says.

Shadow, a two-year-old Shar Pei, slipped his harness near Eype in Dorset on 9 May and was eventually found by a holidaymaker on 23 June.

He was emaciated, had a broken leg and had eaten stones, sheep poo and seaweed in a bid to survive.

Six months on, and after two major operations, Shadow is fully recovered.

Owner Amber Whiting, who lives in Bridport, said: "He had the operation to remove all the stones. They got a lovely big bag of gunk out of him - it was disgusting."

She said she was initially advised to get Shadow's broken leg amputated because the operation to pin it would cost £3,500 but a vet who spotted a crowdfunding appeal set up by a friend offered to discount the cost of the procedure by £3,000, charging her just £500.

Image source, Amber Whiting
Image caption,
Shadow's leg has been pinned but it does not seem to bother him, says Amber Whiting

"They did the operation and thankfully, apart from needing physio, he's made a full recovery," Mrs Whiting said.

"He's a bit overweight but we won't talk about that. I've told him he's being treated like Rudolf because he's on a diet of carrot sticks.

"It didn't help that every dog owner we met wanted to give him a treat and he hasn't been able to exercise."

Shadow's recovery is especially appreciated by Mrs Whiting's three sons - Archie, 19, Sonny, 16, and Buster, 10.

She said: "They've all got special needs so, when Shadow went missing, it was an absolute nightmare for them - it's like having their best friend back."