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Baby aardvark at Colchester Zoo under 24-hour watch

image captionVets will not know whether the baby is male or female for six months
A baby aardvark is under 24-hour watch at Colchester Zoo to protect it from injury from other clumsy aardvarks.
The baby aardvark, which is the length of a banana, and its mother have been moved to special "birthing burrow".
This will keep the baby, which has very poor sight, protected from any accidental knocks or bumps from the other aardvarks, a spokesperson said.
"The keepers have been taking turns to complete shifts with mother and baby to ensure that the baby is safe."
Vets will only be able to determine the sex of the aardvark, born on 7 February, with a DNA test in six months' time.
When it is known whether it is male or female staff will choose a name.