Public consulted on Great Notley wind turbine plans

Plans to build a £2.4m wind turbine at a country park in Essex have been put out for public consultation.

Braintree District Council hopes to erect a single turbine, up to a maximum height of 131m (429 ft), at its Great Notley Country Park.

The 1.5 megawatt (MW) turbine would generate about 3,200MW of electricity per year, enough to power 800 homes.

The council estimated it would earn £250,000 per year by selling the electricity to the National Grid.

Councillor Robert Mitchell, deputy cabinet member for environment at Braintree District Council said: "Until August last year we weren't allowed as a council to sell electricity, but we're now able to do so.

"We expect it should produce the equivalent to 3% of the council tax, which helps us from having to make a further 3% of savings in future years."

'Huge turbine'

The proposed site for the turbine is 500 metres (1,640ft) from nearby homes.

One resident, Mark Hagger from Great Notley, believes a more suitable site could be found.

He said: "I am a great proponent of environmental initiatives, but this is a huge turbine.

"It seems to be in the order of about 400 feet high, roughly the size of the London Eye.

"If it were smaller I wouldn't have a problem, if it were a little further away I wouldn't have a problem. But this doesn't seem to be appropriately located or sized."

The eight-week public consultation will end in mid-February 2012.

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