Westcliff Jewish care home Raymond House closure reviewed

Plans to close a care home for Jewish people in Essex are to be re-examined by the charity which runs it.

Raymond House in Westcliff currently accommodates about 25 people, many of whom have dementia.

Earlier this month Jewish Care said it would close the home, which was losing £300,000 each year and whose building was "no longer fit for purpose".

The organisation said it had put the decision on hold to see if a way could be found to keep it open.

Jewish Care chief executive Mr Morris said it had held further meetings with residents, their relatives and leaders of the local Jewish community.

'Feeling buoyant'

"It remains my view that we have looked at every option to try and keep the care home open," Mr Morris said.

"But understandably the relatives of those in the home want to see if there's another way to keep it open.

"So we're prepared, for a short period of time, to really work with them to see if there is something we have missed. I don't believe there is but you never know."

The charity had previously stated the home had only been operating at 70% capacity for three years and the building did not meet "best practice guidelines for looking after people with dementia".

Stuart Levinson, whose 89-year-old mother-in-law is a resident, said relatives were "feeling buoyant".

"No one was [originally] consulted. It was a bolt out of the blue. Now they're doing things the right way," he said.

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