Mason Tipping death: Parents in new Colchester home plea

Adrian Tipping with their children Keira (l), Mason (r) and baby Faye.
Image caption Adrian Tipping, pictured with his family, has asked to be moved from the house in Colchester

A couple have asked to be moved from their home saying it is too distressing to stay after the death of their little boy.

Mason Tipping, who was 22 months old, died on Friday at Colchester General Hospital.

His parents Adrian Tipping and mother Christine Tauchert say they are finding remaining in the flat distressing and have asked to be moved.

Colchester Borough Homes (CBH) has pledged to try and help.

Ms Tauchert said she found remaining in the flat very distressing because of Mason's death.

Their eldest daughter Keira, who they found curled up on the floor next to the chest of drawers when it fell on her brother, has not slept in the room since.

'Deepest sympathies'

Mr Tipping, who moved with his family from Northampton just over a year ago, said he contacted Colchester Borough Council, which set up CBH as a company, on Tuesday to ask about being rehoused.

A spokesperson for CBH said: "Mr Tipping's request to be re-housed has been sent to the community housing officer team for action.

"They will make an appointment to visit the family, along with an officer from our specialist tenancy support team, who will be able to offer practical advice and support to the family.

"If the family decide that they still want to be re-housed, Colchester Borough Homes will support them through the re-application process to Colchester Borough Council.

"We extend our deepest sympathies to the family at this difficult time."

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