Southend 'Mr Blobby' bricked-up house revenge planned

Bricked up house in Southend Image copyright David O'Rourke
Image caption David O'Rourke and bride Laura returned from honeymoon to their bricked-up Southend home

A man who returned from honeymoon to find his builder brothers had bricked up his Essex home and painted it pink has vowed to take revenge on them.

David O'Rourke's brothers Steve and Russell have carried out "wedding pranks" on each other's Southend homes in the past.

However, David has never been involved and said: "I will get them back."

"We got back last night and after lifting our suitcases over the wall we had a laugh about it," he added.

David said it was "inevitable" his brothers would do something to his house, and that he was "more nervous about what that might be" than the wedding.

Image copyright Steve O'Rourke
Image caption David O'Rourke's brothers bricked up his front door and driveway and painted it in "Mr Blobby" colours

In the past, Steve O'Rourke bricked up his brother Russell's driveway, then returned from his own honeymoon to discover his entire house had been painted in pink with white spots in a "revenge attack".

'Pizza problems'

The house was dubbed the "Mr Blobby house" after the character on the Saturday evening TV programme Noel's House Party, starring Noel Edmonds, which ran on BBC One throughout the 1990s.

David, 31, who played no part in either prank, returned to his North Avenue home with new bride Laura on Wednesday evening to see his brothers' latest efforts "in their full glory".

His door was bricked up, as was the driveway, and both were painted pink with white spots.

Image caption David's brother Steve O'Rourke's home was painted in "Mr Blobby" colours last year

"Luckily they had left the back door key for us," David said.

"The most amusing thing was explaining to a very confused pizza delivery man last night that he would have to jump over the wall, negotiate the scaffolding and come through the back gate."

"Really, I'm the unprovoked victim in this. They might think it's come full-circle but I'm going to have to retaliate," he added.

"I'm not a builder; I'm an estate agent so next time they go on holiday I might move some "tenants" in to their homes.

"Maybe not this year, maybe not next year, but we will get them back."

Image copyright David O'Rourke
Image caption David and Laura O'Rourke said the bricked-up door "confused the pizza delivery man"
Image copyright Steve O'Rourke
Image caption The prank did not take the builder brothers long to complete, Steve O'Rourke said

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