Leonberger dog weighing 11st draws crowds for sausage-eating skills

image copyrightSarah Woodthorpe-Evans
image captionHagrid, a three-year-old Leonberger, weighs 11st (70kg)

A dog weighing 11st (70kg) drew "a huge crowd" while showing off his record sausage-eating skills at a dog show.

Hagrid, a Leonberger, holds the Guinness World Record for "most items caught by a dog in 30 seconds", The Sunday Telegraph reported.

At the National Pet Show in Birmingham, Hagrid showcased his skill of catching and eating 13 sausages in 30 seconds.

His owners Sarah and David Woodthorpe-Evans, from Harlow, Essex, said they were considering getting him an agent.

"We like showing him off. We go to all the dog shows purely to let people know about the breed," Mrs Woodthorpe-Evans told the BBC.

Leonbergers were originally produced by crossing Newfoundlands with St Bernards and nearly died out after both World Wars.

image copyrightSarah Woodthorpe-Evans
image captionHagrid lives with his family in Harlow, Essex
image copyrightSarah Woodthorpe-Evans
image captionThe Leonberger eats two or three turkey carcasses for his dinner every other day

She said her three-year-old pet eats two to three turkey carcasses per meal, which she buys from a nearby farm.

"He has those every other day. In between that he has a kilogram of tripe for his dinner," she said.

"He's 80cm from floor to shoulder, but if he puts his paws on my shoulders, his head is well above mine. He's 6ft (1.8m) fully outstretched."

Hagrid set his world record at the London Pet Show on 10 May.

"There's a bit more to it than it sounds. He has to sit in a marked area, he's not allowed to stand, and he can only eat the ones he catches," Mrs Woodthorpe-Evans said.

"We're intrigued about getting him to do some movie or TV work - we might get him an agent.

"Wherever we go, people stop us to ask the same questions - how much does he weigh, how much does he eat, does he have a saddle? He really is the most impressive creature."

image copyrightSarah Woodthorpe-Evans
image captionHagrid's family has another pet dog, a Labradoodle named Hermione

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