Essex man names his baby after ex-PM Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher and Rob Gledhill with Thatcher Stephen Maguire Image copyright Hulton Archive/Getty Images/Contributed
Image caption Rob Gledhill has named his son Thatcher Stephen Maguire after the late British prime minister Margaret Thatcher

A Conservative councillor has named his baby son after the former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher because he "wanted a name that stood out".

Rob Gledhill, of Thurrock council, and his partner Abbie Maguire called the baby Thatcher Stephen Maguire, Your Thurrock first reported.

Mr Gledhill said: "We're happy with it and if he's not happy with it when he's older I'm sure he'll change it."

Asked if it was a political statement, he told BBC Essex: "No, not at all."

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'Another great Thatcher'

"What's the difference between Tyler or Harper and Thatcher?" said Mr Gledhill, leader of the Tory group at the council.

Asked if he was worried about the reaction of other children when his son, born on 8 January, reaches school age, Mr Gledhill said: "How many children at the age of five are going to say 'oh you're named after the first female prime minister - the one who gave everybody the ability to buy their council house or re-took the Falklands?'.

"I come from a family of quite diverse political views.

"If he does become leader of a political party let it be, it'll be another great Thatcher running the country."

Strange name choices?

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