Newborn puppies dumped on Essex bin die from frostbite

Cat carrier in bag on bin Image copyright RSPCA
Image caption The puppies were dumped in a cat carrier on top of an industrial wheelie bin

Three one-day-old puppies have died from frostbite after being dumped on top of a bin in freezing temperatures.

They were found inside a cat carrier on the bin at the back of some shops on Whitmore Way, Basildon, on Monday.

The lifeless puppies were thought to be already dead when the RSPCA arrived, but began breathing when they arrived at a vets' surgery.

Despite 24 hours of care, the Staffies, still with umbilical cords attached, died from the effects of frostbite.

The person who discovered the dumped dogs covered the cat carrier with a bin liner, believing they were already dead, so that other people did not have to see them - and then called the animal charity.

"When I opened the bag there were three tiny puppies inside," Insp Rebecca Benson from the RSPCA's Essex branch said.

'Horrific cruelty'

"They were all extremely cold to touch and their bodies were stiff. Sadly, there were no signs of life."

She rushed the two females and one male to a nearby vet where they "started breathing and... moving their little legs".

"We spent hours slowly trying to warm their little bodies up," Ms Benson said.

"I couldn't believe they were still alive. The tips of their tails had frostbite and they were as cold as ice."

The puppies were crying and trying to suckle, but despite constant nursing through the night, they all died.

"The extent of their frostbite was too much for them and they were too young to fight it," Ms Benson said.

"They didn't stand a chance."

She appealed for information about the puppies' mother and owner, adding that the "horrific cruelty and pain" the pups had suffered was "heartbreaking".

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