Police probe homophobic abuse on Ryanair flight at Stansted

Ryanair Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Ryanair said it prided itself on its crew's high standards of service

Police are investigating after a woman reported suffering homophobic abuse on a Ryanair flight.

Laura Muldoon tweeted a photo last week which she said was of the men who chanted abuse at her on the Stansted to Seville flight.

She said they used several offensive terms aimed at her, adding that airline staff failed to intervene.

In a letter to Ms Muldoon Ryanair said it prided itself on its crew's high standards of service.

The airline wrote to her saying it regretted its high standards were "not reflected" to her "on this occasion".

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Essex Police said the force had been in contact with Ms Muldoon and were investigating the incident.

In her original tweet to Ryanair Ms Muldoon said: "It felt like their behaviour was totally out of control and I want your airline to have a think about how situations like this can be avoided in the future, not just for me but for all passengers and staff too."

In response to tweets Ms Muldoon said the comments made towards her were not "banter".

Ms Muldoon has been deluged with support with one person calling her "courageous" for taking the photo.

Another person commented: "All airline ground crew should be monitor passengers boarding and alert police/security before potentially disruptive passengers board the planes.

People shouldn't be trapped in the sky with people that may cause trouble or harm."

Another Twitter user wrote: "Shame on you Ryanair for putting up with blatant hate speech and rowdiness on your plane."

The BBC has contacted Ryanair directly for a comment but the airline has yet to respond.

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