Woman gives birth on Southend-on-Sea High Street

Baby Aya Image copyright Amr Elebediwy
Image caption Aya was born on Southend-on-Sea High Street on Wednesday

A woman who was visiting a seaside town for the day went into labour and gave birth on the High Street.

Lynn Htun and her husband Amr Elebediwy were on a trip to Southend-on-Sea from their home in east London when Mrs Htun went into labour two and a half weeks early.

A midwife happened to be passing and helped deliver the baby, a girl, on the pavement on Wednesday.

Ms Htun and baby Aya are said to be "healthy" and "doing well" in hospital.

'Strong contractions'

The family arrived in the Essex town at about 12:40 BST and Mrs Htun experienced contractions shortly after.

"I felt very strong contractions but they were only about 10 to 15 minutes apart," she said.

"We went for a walk on the beach and then the contractions became closer together.

"I called the hospital and they said to get to a hospital immediately but we couldn't find a taxi so we decided to walk towards the train station.

"But the contractions came very close and I couldn't walk any further."

Image copyright Amr Elebediwy
Image caption Lynn Htun and her husband Amr Elebediwy said they were "very lucky" a midwife was nearby

Mrs Htun was on the pavement near a Santander branch when street warden Wayne Edwards arrived at the scene.

Mr Edwards said he managed to get some barriers from Marks and Spencer and a "massive" umbrella from a passer-by to make the area more private.

"There was a lady there who happened to be an off-duty midwife," he said.

"She quickly cracked on doing what she's done for however many years.

"Everyone in the area pulled together and helped.

"A hairdressers gave a load of clean towels to cover the baby and a woman bought the baby some clothes from a nearby shop.

"My faith in humanity has been restored."

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Mrs Htun and Mr Elebediwy said they are "very thankful" for the help they received.

Mother-of-three Mrs Htun said she was "so lucky" a midwife was there at the time and she praised the woman who accompanied the couple to hospital after the birth.

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Image caption Mrs Htun gave birth outside Santander on Southend-on-Sea High Street

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